Hezbollah denies reports Israeli special forces destroyed its drone cache

Hezbollah denies reports Israeli special forces destroyed its drone cache
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01 March, 2022
Hezbollah denied on Tuesday media reports that an Israeli special forces team found and destroyed a drone cache.
Nasrallah last month said the group was able to produce drones [Getty- archive]

Lebanon’s Hezbollah denied media reports on Tuesday that Israel destroyed drones belonging to the militant group.

"We strongly deny this news, which is totally false," said a statement by the Iran-backed party and militant group.

In an article published by local Asas Media, Qassem Qassir wrote that Israelis had destroyed the militants' drone caches after a special forces operation.

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"[Hezbollah] did not discover this operation until after it ended," it said.

It was not clear where this alleged operation took place.

Israel and Hezbollah have not fought a war for over 15 years, while the Lebanese militants are currently embroiled in the war in Syria, supporting dictator Bashar Al-Assad.

Despite this, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said last month his group has the ability, within Lebanon, to convert thousands of rockets into precision missiles and to produce armed drones.

Only days later, the Israeli army said it fired interceptor missiles and scrambled warplanes after Hezbollah launched a drone across the border. Hezbollah dubbed the drone "Hassan."

Israel has long expressed concerns that Iran-backed Hezbollah would obtain or develop guided missiles and attack drones.