Israeli president casts Turkey visit as part of climate campaign

Israeli president casts Turkey visit as part of climate campaign
On his upcoming trip to Turkey, Israel's president will discuss climate issues, regional relations, and the fractured ties between the two countries.
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23 February, 2022
Herzog's visit to Israel is also hoping to mend ties with Turkey [Getty]

Israel's president confirmed on Wednesday that he will visit Turkey, casting the trip to a former security partner as part of an attempt to create a regional alliance on climate change.

Though his role is largely ceremonial, President Isaac Herzog has been reinforcing Israeli diplomacy aimed at improving ties with Ankara, where there has been censure of Israel's policies toward the Palestinians.

Israel, in turn, wants an end to Turkish support for Hamas, and has also sought to reassure Greece and Cyprus that its relations with those countries will remain steadfast.

"In the coming month, I am due to visit our Mediterranean coast neighbours Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, and meet their leaders," Herzog told a climate conference.

With these three countries, as well as with Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and the Palestinians, he said he wanted to forge "a regional partnership for addressing the climate crisis."

Turkish media have given 9-10 March as the dates for Herzog's visit. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said energy cooperation will be discussed.