After announcing quitting music, is Elissa joining Netflix's Money Heist?

After announcing quitting music, is Elissa joining Netflix's Money Heist?
Is Lebanese singer Elissa joining Netflix hit series Money Heist? This social post seems to suggest so...
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27 August, 2019
Elissa recently announced her exit from the music industry [Getty]

Lebanese singer Elissa caused social media stir on Monday night after posting a video that suggested she may be taking up a role in Netflix's popular Spanish-language series Money Heist.

The video, which was posted to her Instagram account of over 14 million followers, showed her opening a boxed gift received from Netflix containing the series' signature Salvador Dali mask.

"Something broke in Professor during the third season, which left you surprised. But have hope, because the fourth season will make you the happiest one [referencing one of Elissa's songs]. To the Queen of emotions, or now we could call you Beirut," read a card accompanying the gift.

In the post's accompanying caption, Elissa seemed to feed into speculation that she would be joining the hit show.

"I am ready to be part of the gang with the professor and the team! Thank you @NetflixMENA and @lacasadepapel." 

The post prompted thousands of comments in reponse, many of which were asking the singer whether she would really be joining Money Heist.

Among the comments, Netflix Mena replied to the post appearing to welcome the star to the show's cast.

"I'm waiting for you, Beirut! Welcome to the gang," Netflix Mena wrote.

Having recently announced she sould be quitting the "mafia" music industry, it would seem that the superstar would be in a position to pursue a new venture in acting.

Elissa's music career has spanned nearly three decades, starting off after she won a silver medal on Lebanese talent show Studio El Fan in 1992.

Last year the star revealed to fans that she had been battling with breast cancer, urging others to get screened for the illness.

"I only revealed my condition after I became healthy again. I wouldn't have done it while I was going through it," Elissa told The National in June. "I did it at the end to encourage people to know about this condition".