Harrowing video brings light on IS' sickening sex slavery

Harrowing video brings light on IS' sickening sex slavery
Footage has emerged which appears to show the Islamic State group's horrific use of sex slaves as girls are separated from family members in another sickening act of cruelty.
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19 December, 2015
Yazidi women have been forced into slavery by the Islamic State group [AFP]
Harrowing footage has emeged that appears to show women and girls forced into sex slavery by Islamic State group militants.

Filmed in a courtyard a video appears to show a group of captive girls and women seperated from their family.

Some scream as they are dragged away by masked men carrying AK-47s.

There are still questions about the reliability of the sources or whether this could be another piece of crude propaganda video from the extremist group.

All the men hide their identities with balaclavas and long black coats, while fighters are positioned in an arch so as to not block the camera angle. 

One of the fighters makes a point of hanging the group's distinctive banner from the first level of the building in full view of the camera.

There is also no indication where the footage was taken or how it was obtained, although one of the first social media users to share the video said it was shot in Mosul.

However, it also highlights the horrific slave trade of women and girls by IS militants in Iraq and Syria.

Many have been used for sex slavery or domestic servitude. Survivors have said that women are passed around fighters, and girls are auctioned as slaves in public markets.

Members of Iraq's Yazidi religious and ethnic minority have been particular targets of the extremists.

Mass graves containing elderly women, boys and men have been found at sites liberated from IS militants.

The latest unverified footage shows women and girls picked from a crowd of civilians by IS militants. They are then forced out of the hands of family members.

IS extremists surround the group and point AK-47s. Some of the petrified girls are dragged by the hair as they are forced into a seperate group of women.

The men appear as helpless onlookers as the fighters barge through the crowd with their rifles.

Kurdish social media shared the video and urged the world to take action against the group.