Hands in the air, police tell Egyptian huggers

Hands in the air, police tell Egyptian huggers
Authorities in Egypt have said that a "Free Hug Day" contradicts the country's public morality
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31 March, 2016
Participants of the "Free Hug Day" could face up to one year in jail [AFP]
After warnings from the tourism police on Monday, Egyptians who participate in their country's "Free Hug Day" on Thursday will be arrested if caught by authorities.

"We have not received any application for organizing this event,", said General Ahmad Mostafa Shahin, head of Egypt's tourism police.

"Such events cannot be approved because they contradict Egyptian laws and public morality. Anyone participating in such an activity would be arrested and prosecuted,"

In his statement, the Shahin also added that the event falls under the misdemeanor of an obsene public act. According to country's penal code, such crimes are punishable by up to one year in prison.

The "Free Hug Day" was intended to be a seven day event held incities across Egypt, including Cairo and Hurghada. Egyptian activists have called for similar events to be held in previous years, with Twitter and Facebook users from the country first instigating calls for the event in 2011.