Hamas seeks to bolster ties with Iran

Hamas seeks to bolster ties with Iran
Gaza-based Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has announced it will look to strengthen ties with 'all Muslim nations', including Iran.
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30 January, 2017
Relations between Hamas and Iran were renewed in February last year [AFP]

A top Hamas leader announced on Sunday that the Palestinian Islamist group is seeking to strengthen ties with regional powerhouse Iran.

Senior spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri made the remark during a trip to Algeria, where he announced Hamas is keen to bolster its ties with all Muslim and Arab states.

"Efforts and contacts are underway to boost relations with Iran and we hope we will achieve something positive," Abu Zuhri said.

He declined to elaborate on the efforts that are being made.

Relations between Hamas and Iran - which was once one of the group's main backers - became strained after Tehran provided military, political and economic backing for President Bashar al-Assad against Syrian rebels.

Ties were renewed in February last year, when Hamas announced a "new page of cooperation" between the two parties after a visit to Iran.

On Sunday, a similar renewal of relations with Egypt was announced, after a delegation from the group concluded a series of "fruitful" meetings with the Arab state.

Egypt has arrested or killed thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters, a pan-Islamic movement which Hamas belongs to.