Hamas security guard killed in 'IS suicide attack'

Hamas security guard killed in 'IS suicide attack'
Palestinian security sources report the first incident of a suicide attack in Gaza targeting Hamas forces.
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17 August, 2017

A Hamas security guard and a member of a rival Palestinian faction were killed in Gaza on Thursday after a confrontation with a suicide attacker, security sources said.

The attack is the first time Hamas security forces have been targeted by a suicide bomber in Gaza.

"A security force stopped two persons who approached the border. One of them blew himself up and was killed. The other was wounded," the Gaza's Hamas-run Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The Hamas man, named as 28-year-old Naim al-Jaafari, died after being rushed to hospital along with several others who were wounded.

Security sources said the assailant was a member of the Islamic State group.

Egypt's Sinai region, which borders the Gaza Strip, has in recent years been a restive hotbed of militant Islamist activity. Hamas has in response stepped up security patrol to prevent the movement of "Jihadist Salafis" between Gaza and Egypt, where the Egyptian army is battling IS group affiliates.

Egypt has in the past accused Hamas of aiding fighters who cross into Egypt to join insurgent groups. Hamas has denied this allegation and in recent years attempted to improve relations with Cairo by stepping up border security.