Hamas armed wing show video inside Israeli army camp 'moments before surprise attack'

Hamas armed wing show video inside Israeli army camp 'moments before surprise attack'
A video released by Hamas's military wing, the Qassam Brigades, purportedly shows the inside of an Israeli military camp in Gaza ahead of a surprise attack.
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06 December, 2023
The video purportedly shows Israeli forces in a camp in Gaza [Screenshot]

The armed wing of Hamas released a video on Tuesday purportedly showing the inside of an Israeli military camp in Gaza.

The video, published by the Qassam Brigades on their Telegram channel, shows the perspective of a camera that appears to emerge from underground before showing the Israeli encampment.

As the camera turns, Israeli troops can be seen walking, sitting, and relaxing just feet away. The camera then appears to retreat underground before the video cuts.

"Monitoring an enemy camp's position before an operation," reads the caption at the beginning of the video.

The video comes two days after the Qassam Brigades claimed a major attack on an Israeli encampment south of Gaza City.

“At dawn today, the Qassam fighters were able to monitor the positioning of dozens of occupation soldiers (60 soldiers) inside tents at their positioning point east of Juhr al-Deek," the statement claimed.

"So the fighters planted 3 anti-personnel bombs in a circular pattern around the position, and at exactly 4:30 the bombs were detonated among the occupation soldiers.

"One of the fighters advanced to finish off the remaining members of the force, and the fighters withdrew to their positions safely after killing a large number of occupation soldiers."

Israel has not confirmed the attack but did reveal the names of at least seven soldiers killed in fighting around Gaza since Sunday. Details on army casualties are subject to strict army censorship.

The video is the latest of several released by the Qassam Brigades since the beginning of the war, showing footage of skirmishes between Hamas fighters and Israeli troops.

After two months of brutal airstrikes on Gaza, Israel has killed over 16,200 people, the majority women and children.

Israeli forces claimed to have killed several Hamas commanders and officials but are yet to destroy the group's military capabilities and underground tunnel network.

Analysts have said that Israel's stated aim of dismantling Hamas is unrealistic, saying this would mean a prolonged conflict with heavy civilian casualties.

Intense clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian groups were reported in both southern and northern Gaza on Wednesday, while the Qassam Brigades claimed a rocket attack on the Israeli kibbutz of Kissufim, adjacent to southern Gaza.

Israeli authorities confirmed the attack, reporting no casualties.