Hamas rejects unilateral dissolution of Palestinian government

Hamas rejects unilateral dissolution of Palestinian government
Hamas said on Wednesday it rejected any unilateral dissolution of the Palestinian unity government after senior officials reported that president Mahmud Abbas announced it would resign.
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17 June, 2015
The Palestinian unity will dissolve within the next 24 hours. (Getty)

Islamic movement, Hamas, on Wednesday rejected "one-sided" change in the government without the agreement of all parties.  

"No one told us anything about any decision to change and no one consulted with us about any change in the unity government. Fatah acted on its own in all regards," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told AFP.

Several senior officials said Tuesday that Abbas told members of his Fatah party that the Palestinian government would resign within 24 hours.

The move would signal a fresh setback in efforts to reconcile Gaza, dominated by Hamas, and the West Bank, where Abbas's Palestinian Authority is based.

It also comes as Israel and Hamas hold separate, indirect talks on ways to cement a long-term truce in the Gaza Strip following last year's 50-day war.

The Hamas official’s attack on Abbas comes following claims by Palestinian officials in Ramallah to the effect that Hamas is working, in collusion with Israel, to establish a separate Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip. Hamas leaders have strongly denied the claims, accusing the PA and Fatah leadership of “spreading lies.”