Hamas leader: Iran lying, hasn't sent aid since 2009

Hamas leader: Iran lying, hasn't sent aid since 2009
Hamas deputy political bureau chief Abu Marzouk, in an alleged conversation leaked to pan-Arab newspaper, tells an unknown person Iran has been lying about funding and aiding the Islamist group.
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02 February, 2016
Gone are the days of the strong alliance between Iran, Hizballah, Jihad and Hamas [AFP]

A leaked phone call obtained by London-based Saudi-owned newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat appears to show senior Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzouk accusing Iran of lying about financial aid to Hamas.

Abu Marzouk is heard saying the Palestinian Islamist militant movement has not received any Iranian funding since 2009.

Hamas and Iran have had a falling out since the rebellion against Bashar al-Assad erupted in Syria in 2011. Shortly after the rebellion, Hamas leaders left the Syrian capital Damascus, refusing to side with the Syrian regime against the rebels.

In the alleged recording of a private conversation with an unidentified person, Abu Marzouk is heard saying: "The Iranians are masters of diplomatic wordplay. Since 2009, we have not received anything from them and everything they say is a lie.”

The New Arab cannot verify the authenticity of the recording.

Abu Marzouk echoed previous Hamas assertions that Iran no longer provides military aid. 

The senior Hamas leader rejected Iranian claims that a number of ships carrying weapons that were intercepted by Israel in recent years were meant for Hamas.

During the war with Israel in 2014, Hamas insisted most of its rockets were locally made.

If if the recording is authentic, this would be the first time the tensions between Iran and Hamas come out in the open.

Until now, Hamas has maintained a diplomatic language towards the soured relations with Tehran and its Lebanese ally Hizballah.