Hamas fighter dies in Gaza tunnel during training incident

Hamas fighter dies in Gaza tunnel during training incident

A Hamas militant died in an incident in a tunnel in Gaza, the Islamist movement which controls the territory said on Tuesday, the third such death in five days.
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20 September, 2017
Hamas announced that two members of its armed wing died in separate tunnel collapses [AFP]
A 24-year-old Hamas militant died in a tunnel in Gaza during training on Tuesday, the Islamist movement that rules the strip said.

The militant was identified as Hani Faraj Muhmmad Shluf, a member of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades - the Hamas movement's military wing.

Hamas hailed Shluf in a statement, adding he "died during his work in a resistance tunnel", using the term for tunnels used for military purposes.

The Islamist movement did not give details of the cause of his death.

Shluf was the third Hamas fighter to die in such incident over the past five days.

On Friday, Hamas announced that two members of its armed wing had died in separate tunnel collapses.

Hamas has run Gaza for a decade and fought three wars with Israel, which maintains a crippling blockade of the territory.

It has built a network of tunnels inside Gaza, as well as some that have crossed under the Israeli border.

During the last round of conflict in 2014 attack tunnels were one of Hamas's most effective weapons.

Other tunnels are used for smuggling from Egypt, although many have been destroyed by the Egyptian authorities in recent years.

At least 27 Gazans have died in tunnel incidents in recent months.