Hamas 'calls for Egypt, Turkey mediation' amid Sudan property confiscation crisis

Hamas 'calls for Egypt, Turkey mediation' amid Sudan property confiscation crisis
Egyptian sources claimed a high-level figure with Hamas' political bureau reached out to Egypt's General Intelligence Service about mediation with Sudan.
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27 September, 2021
Hamas has requested Cairo's help with Sudan, according to Egyptian sources [Giuseppe Russo/EyeEm/Getty]

Hamas has asked for Cairo to help in mediating with Sudan after the country confiscated property said to belong to the Gaza rulers last week.

Egyptian sources claimed a high-level figure within Hamas' political bureau reached out to Egypt's General Intelligence Service about holding talks with Khartoum.

Speaking with The New Arab's Arabic sister service, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, the Egyptian insiders said the Hamas figure sought "mediation between the two parties".

This is "to stop the deterioration of relations, as well as to stop the Sudanese campaign to confiscate Palestinian investors' property, which the Sudanese authorities claim is subordinate to Hamas".

Hamas has rejected claims there exists any link between it and the property taken by Sudan, saying they belong to unrelated businessmen and investors.

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Hamas' request for Cairo's assistance comes prior to the resumption of negotiations on a prisoner exchange with Israel, which Egypt has been heavily involved in, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed's sources said.

The insiders also claimed Hamas does not seek to forfeit Sudan's backing for the Palestinian struggle, "despite Khartoum's recent decision to normalise ties with the Israeli occupation".

They also said Gaza's rulers seem to have requested others' help in their efforts with Sudan.

"Turkey has involved itself in the crisis situation between Hamas and the officials in Sudan in an attempt to contain" it, according to the sources.

Hamas was quoted by Anadolu Agency last week urging Sudanese premier Abdullah Hamdok and the chief of the country's collective head of state or Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, to act.

They were asked to "intervene personally to stop abuses against Palestinians in Sudan regarding the confiscation of their legally acquired" property.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the chief of the General Authority of Civil Affairs of the internationally recognised Palestinian Authority (PA) called on Sudan to give the property to the Ramallah-based body.

Hussein Al-Sheikh tweeted that the PA "wishes the State of Sudan, which has always been a people and a government which is with the people of Palestine, to hand over the movable and immovable funds".

He said that "the Palestinian people need these funds, and especially our great people who are suffering under siege in Gaza".

Hamas political bureau second-in-command Moussa Abu Marzouk replied to Al-Sheikh on Twitter.

He said: "Hussein Al-Sheikh is trying to fish in troubled waters. What happened in Sudan is an internal struggle to attract American support for the civilian side in the Hamdok government to counter the military."

Al-Sheikh then responded, saying he did not make any allegations against any party, repeating the importance of the money to Palestinians, particularly Gazans.