Hamas: Abbas' presidency is no longer legitimate

Hamas: Abbas' presidency is no longer legitimate
Hamas' Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul has launched a scathing attack on PA President Mahmoud Abbas, calling his presidency a 'shameful violation' that should have ended nine years ago.
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19 January, 2018
Farraj al-Ghoul [second from left] is a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council [Getty]
Senior Hamas figure Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul has attacked President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas as an illegitimate leader whose overrun presidency is violating the constitution, in statements made on Wednesday.

The chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council's Constitution Committee, al-Ghoul contended that Abbas' presidential term ended in 2009, and thus he has been violating his presidential oath ever since by not calling for fresh elections.

Al-Ghoul contended that the Arab League's extension of Abbas' term was both shameful and showed his contempt for the Palestinian people, as well as being illegitimate as the Arab League does not have the authority to do this.

The Hamas member argued that according to Palestinian basic law, power should be passed on to the speaker of the parliament – currently Hamas member Aziz Duweik – who will organise elections.

Al-Ghoul claims that Abbas has consistently prevented this from happening by refusing Duweik entry into the Parliament Legislative Council.

In September, it was revealed that 67 percent of Palestinians want Abbas to resign, many of whom cited fears over restrictions of civil liberties.

Six months previously, hundreds of Palestinians marched in anti-government protests in Ramallah, demanding Abbas to resign and an end to government "suppression" of freedom of speech. The protests were dispersed violently by Palestinian riot police.