'Halal food cart harasser' Stuart Seldowitz revealed as advisor for controversial Israeli Zaka group

'Halal food cart harasser' Stuart Seldowitz revealed as advisor for controversial Israeli Zaka group
Ex-Obama advisor Stuart Seldowitz is revealed to be an advisor for Zaka, the same organisation that was the source for the '40 beheaded babies' fabrication.
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01 March, 2024
Seldowitz's campaign of racist and Islamophobic harassment occurred over two weeks before a video of it went viral [Getty]

Stuart Seldowitz, who was filmed verbally attacking a halal food vendor in New York last year, is found to be a member of the advisory board of the controversial Israeli voluntary organisation Zaka, which has been accused of spreading misinformation in the war on Gaza.

The organisation was the source for the "40 beheaded babies" fabrication. It has also been cited for disseminating misinformation, as well as exploiting Hamas's 7 October attacks to acquire donations and the unprofessional handling of bodies.

Zaka was tasked with dealing with the victims of the Hamas attacks on bases and kibbutzim close to the Gaza border.

Seldowitz, a former State Department official who harassed a Muslim food cart worker, has since been revealed as a board member and advisor of Zaka.

This revelation comes after the organisation announced the establishment of an advisory board in New York

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The former diplomat was filmed and then detained for making Islamophobic remarks towards and threatening Mohammed Hussein, a 24-year-old Muslim street vendor in New York City, over a period of approximately two weeks.

His comments included labelling the vendor a "terrorist" and making derogatory statements about the Prophet Mohammed.

In one video, Seldowitz made a genocidal statement, apparently referring to the death toll from the war on Gaza, which has killed over 30,000 people, including at least 13,000 children.

He reportedly told Hussein: "If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, you know what, it wasn't enough" and made slurs against the Prophet Muhammed and asked if the 24-year-old vendor "raped his daughter".

This incident quickly caught the attention of social media users, leading to widespread condemnation.

Gotham Government Relations, where Seldowitz had previously chaired the foreign affairs practice, severed ties with him.

Northwestern Mutual also distanced itself from Seldowitz.

The former diplomat apologised for his tirade, and the hate crime charges against him are expected to be dismissed