Hackers release emails of UAE ambassador to US

Hackers release emails of UAE ambassador to US
A hacker group with alleged links to Moscow announced a pre-release of hundreds of e-mails stolen from the UAE ambassador to the US on Saturday.
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03 June, 2017
A series of e-mails from Yousef Al-Otaiba's account were leaked [Twitter]
The e-mail account of UAE’s Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba has been hacked by a group who published the material on Saturday.

The group, which calls itself "GlobalLeaks" apparently used a Russian email account address, while the leaked emails were reportedly provided by a paid whistle-blower from a think-tank based in Washington DC. A selected batch were released to various media outlets as proof.

The group said the leaks "reveal how millions of dollars were used to hurt [the] reputation of American allies and cause policy changes". 

The e-mails reportedly show a clear picture of the back-channels the UAE ambassador has taken to ensure the UAE's interests are promoted abroad.

Otaiba is well-known figure in US national security circles and has been named "the most charming man in Washington." He reportedly gave out iPads to journalists and other political types as Christmas presents. He has also participated in Pentagon strategy meetings at the invitation of the defence officials.