Gunmen kill 5 Quran teachers in southern Somalia

Gunmen kill 5 Quran teachers in southern Somalia
Police say the attack was a "vengeance-related crime'.
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17 September, 2020
The attack took place in the southern town of Rage Ele [Getty/ Archive]

Five Islamic teachers were killed, along with several others during a recital of the Quran in southern Somalia, officials said on Thursday.

Muse Geney, Adale district commissioner, was quoted by Anadolu Agency describing the attack in the town of Rage Ele as "unacceptable."

Police believe the attack was a "vengeance-related crime," Geney added, explaining the attackers and their victims were from different clans.

Local police officer Ali Nour Hassan told Anadolu Agency that several clerics were wounded and were transported to Jowhar hospitals for treatment.

Hassan said authorities in the area are investigating the attack.

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