Gunman shoots students at Ohio State University

Gunman shoots students at Ohio State University
Staff and students warned at the Midwest university have been told to stay low and follow police instructions as authorities race to track down an unidentified shooter.
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28 November, 2016

US - Ohio shooter

Staff and students at Ohio State University in the US have been warned of an "active shooter" on their campus and told to take shelter.

Seven people were taken to hospital for gunshot unjuries, two of whom are in stable condition, according to the Columbus Fire Department. The conditions of the other patients have not been reported.

The university's management at the campus in Columbus used Twitter to tell those in the area to "run, hide, fight", identifying Watts Hall as the part of the campus where the shooter was seen. Another message later told staff and students to "continue to shelter in place".

"I heard gunshots from my dorm, probably six or seven," said Stephen Yunker, a student who lives two blocks from Watts Hall, told NBC News.

"We saw fire trucks, couple of cars, and a body laying on the ground," he added.

The university campus in the eastern US state has around 60,000 students in attendance.

Local police, officials from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are responding to the situation.