‘Gulf Barbie’ makes pink Kabsa in latest doll-themed trend

‘Gulf Barbie’ makes pink Kabsa in latest doll-themed trend
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26 July, 2023
A Gulf woman made a Barbie-themed Kabsa - the national dish of Saudi Arabia - to celebrate the film's worldwide release.
The Gulf woman used beetroot to make the rice turn a Barbie-esque pink [Getty]

A Gulf woman has made waves online for making a pink-coloured Kabsa, the traditional dish of the Arabian peninsula, in the latest Barbie-related trend as the film enjoys a box-office breaking worldwide release.

The woman can be seen cooking the famed dish from scratch while adding extra ingredients to turn it pink, in line with the Barbie theme.

In the video posted by Saudi lifestyle editor Marriam Moussali on Instagram, the woman can be seen wearing a pink Abaya and Niqab in her video, as well as pink makeup and matching accessories.

The room in which the woman is cooking Kabsa is also aptly painted pink, as are the kitchen utensils typically used in the Gulf.

Kabsa is a dish typically associated with the Gulf region, and considered the national dish of Saudi Arabia. It is made from rice, meat, vegetables and mixture of aromatic spices and also consumed in southern Iran and the Gaza Strip.

The woman cleverly uses beetroot to turn the rice’s whitish hue into the famed doll’s signature colour.

She also uses the popular 'Barbie World' song in the video, but with an Arabic twist. The song incorporates words from a well-known Bedouin poem, and includes the line: "I am my father's daughter, his daughter, the Sheikha of all Sheikhas Nardi Al Manaya, we would not fear if the prices were hot." 

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The movie, starring Margot Robbie as the titular character and Ryan Gosling as Ken, is due to be released across Saudi cinemas on 31 August, just over a month after its initial release.

The film, based on the Mattel doll, has sparked a number of trends and memes both on and off the internet, such as donning all-pink clothing to see the film in cinemas.

The Greta Gerwig-directed film has been met with critical acclaim, with critics praising its meta humour, feminist message and diversity in its casting choices.