IS group arrests dozens of suspected spies in Mosul

IS group arrests dozens of suspected spies in Mosul
With an assault by Iraqi forces on Mosul expected in the coming months, the Islamic State group have raided homes in the city - hunting suspected collaborators.
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23 January, 2015
Kurdish Peshmerga forces have continued their advance on Mosul this week [Anadolu]

Dozens of Mosul residents have been arrested by the Islamic State group (IS, formerly known as Isis) on suspicion of passing information to the Iraqi government.

As many as 150 men were detained after IS fighters raided homes across Iraq's second-most populous city. A group of 15 men were later relased, a Mosul resident told al-Araby al-Jadeed.

The IS group seized control of Mosul in June, setting up courts to mete out harsh punishments for locals. One of these IS judges reportedly ordered the release of the men, but threatened to "slit the throats" of anyone who collaborated with Iraqi authorities or their allied militia.

The "door to repentance" would soon be closed, he warned.

The IS group is preparing to defend Mosul, after General Lloyd Austin, head of the US military's Central Command, told The Wall Street Journal that anti-IS Iraqi coalition forces would be ready to launch an assault on the city by spring or summer.

The general added that preparations - including the selection and training of the military force - were being made to cut supply lines to the IS militants.

Two Iraqi divisions and Kurdish militia will likely lead the assault on the city.

Airstrikes by the US-led coalition appear to have stepped up in the past few days, with at least 16 bombing raids on IS positions in Mosul.

IS commander Abu Anas al-Samarrai had been killed, and around half the group's leadership had been wiped out, US military officials have claimed.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.

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