American IS militant 'stranded' after Greece refuses entry to fighters deported by Turkey

American IS militant 'stranded' after Greece refuses entry to fighters deported by Turkey
The suspected American IS member now appears to be stranded between the two countries.
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11 November, 2019
The American man is now trapped between two countries [Twitter]
Greece has refused entry to an American member of the Islamic State group deported by Turkey on Monday, according to Turkish media reports.

Turkey's interior ministry announced earlier on Monday it had started to deport foreign IS members in its custody by expelling a US national.

Analysts had raised questions over exactly how Ankara could see through the deportation of some 1,200 foreign nationals, some of whom have been stripped of their citizenships by their countries of origin.

Most Western nations have been reluctant to repatriate their own nationals, with the United Kingdom and France in particular insisting that suspected IS members remain and face justice in the countries where their crimes were committed, Syria and Iraq.

The US national, who has not yet been named, was reportedly captured by Turkish forces during Ankara's recent operation in northeastern Syria.

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He was brought by the Turkish authorities on Monday to the Pazarkule border crossing between Turkey and Greece where he was to be deported.

Greek border officials at the Kastanies crossing however refused to allow him to enter, choosing instead to send him back to the Turkish border crossing.

Turkish border guards then refused entry to the man, leaving the alleged IS member in the no-man's land between the two countries, Turkish media reported.

It is unclear what will happen to the alleged IS member.

Interior ministry spokesman, Ismail Catakli told state news agency Anadolu seven German "terrorist fighters" were due to be deported from Turkey on November 14.

He added that 11 French nationals, one Danish national and one Irish national would be expelled from Turkey soon pending legal proceedings.

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