Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan attends London Aleppo demo

Great Gatsby star Carey Mulligan attends London Aleppo demo
The actor joined hundreds of fellow demonstrators outside Downing Street to protest ongoing conflict in Syria's second city.
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22 October, 2016
Mulligan is a spokesperson for NGO War Child [Getty]

On Saturday actor Carey Mulligan, famous for her roles in films including Drive, Inside Llewyn Davis, Sufragette, and The Great Gatsby took part in a demonstration in central London in protest to ongoing violence in the Syrian city of Aleppo. 

Mulligan, who is an ambassador for the NGO War Child, told ITV that the demonstration, which tool place in Whitehall, represented an opportunity for people to “come out and take some action.”

"I've grown really tired of seeing really horrifying images of children in Aleppo on the news and feeling powerless," Mulligan told the British broadcaster. "We just need to be doing so much more for these children."

Mulligan added: "We feel encouraged by what's happened this week - what Boris Johnson and Theresa May have been talking about, but we think the UK can lead in this, and we really want to encourage that to happen more."

At the demonstration many taking part wore t-shirts reading “Save Aleppo” while teddy bears were placed opposite the gates to Downing Street to illustrate the young casualties of Syria’s civil war which has claimed over 400,000 lives. 

Since a US-Russian brokered ceasefire collapsed in September, rebel-held east Aleppo has witnessed a devastating assault carried out by Syrian and Russian warplanes that has caused widespread outcry.

Although a Russian preposed humanitarian “pause” is currently being implemented in the city, it has been dismissed by both international actors including the UK and US, and rebel groups as principally serving the Syrian regime’s military agenda.