IS 'governor' of Iraq's Kirkuk reportedly killed in airstrike

IS 'governor' of Iraq's Kirkuk reportedly killed in airstrike
An airstrike by the anti Islamic State group coalition has killed IS top commander in the oil rich Iraqi city of Kirkuk, according to a local source.
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28 July, 2015
The international coalition has said it recently carried out 13 air strikes in Iraq [Getty]

The international coalition has recently intensified its air strikes against strongholds of the Islamic state [IS] on several fronts in Iraq, killing many members of the group including senior commanders.

A source in northern Kirkuk told al-Araby al-Jadeed, “The international coalition today carried out an air strike against an IS position close to the village of al-Sabiha in the al-Zab administrative centre in southwest Kirkuk Province.”

He added, “It appears the IS appointed governor of Kirkuk, Salman Abd Shabib, was killed in the air strike.”

The international coalition released a statement that it has carried out 13 air strikes against IS positions in Iraq, which have struck various targets in the cities of Sinjar and Mosul.

A security source in Diyala Province told al-Araby al-Jadeed, “9 young people were killed and 11 injured when 3 IEDs exploded yesterday evening in a football pitch in the town of Abu Saida northeast of Baquba.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence announced the Olympic Stadium in Anbar Province has been recaptured from IS.

The Ministry of Defence said in a press statement, “The Babil Operations Command made up of the Iraqi army, federal police and the Popular Mobilisation Forces backed by the air force have attacked western Ramadi to recapture the areas assigned to them.”

The statement also it had also secured both sides of the International Road, after killing large numbers of IS troops, and its Bomb disposal team had dismantled several IEDs and booby-trapped homes.