Palestinians in the occupied West Bank go on strike in protest of Israel's war on Gaza

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank go on strike in protest of Israel's war on Gaza
Activists around the world have issued calls for action in support of Gaza. Citizens worldwide are heeding the call, particularly in the occupied West Bank.
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11 December, 2023
Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem and in the West Bank went on strike to protest Israel's war on Gaza, 11 December 2023. [Ibrahim Husseini/TNA]

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank observed a general strike on Monday, 11 December, in protest of Israel's war on Gaza and Washington's opposition to a ceasefire. In occupied East Jerusalem, stores, schools and various institutions were shut. Very few people were seen in the streets. 

The strike was also marked in neighbouring Jordan. In Amman, one shop owner displayed a handwritten sign in Arabic that read, "Strike in solidarity with our people in Gaza". 

Ahmad Dandis, whose store is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, told The New Arab that there is a broad sense of "pain" about Israel's "massacres" in Gaza. 

"The crime of the occupation is enormous; it's a total war. All the countries are in it against Gaza: the United States, Britain, Germany, France", he added. 

The call for strike action went global as activists from around the world issued appeals urging citizens worldwide on X (formerly Twitter) to protest the war on Gaza. Activists posted images on social media of closed stores in Sidon, Lebanon, and Istanbul. 

One post on X demanded individuals refrain from using credit cards, stepping away from Facebook and Instagram as part of the effort to stop the war. 

The same post asked, "Are you prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this extraordinary effort?"

Last week, the United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution that would have called for an immediate ceasefire in the intense fighting between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian factions in Gaza.

The reported death toll in Israel's bombardment on Gaza since 7 October has reached nearly 18,000 people.

Nearly 1,200 Israelis have been killed in the same period.