Get married or get taxed, Iranian cleric proposes

Get married or get taxed, Iranian cleric proposes
Unmarried people over-28 should have to pay a tax for refusing to build a family, a conservative Iranian cleric has argued.
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08 June, 2020
Anyone over-28 and unmarried should be taxed, the cleric said [AFP/Getty]
An ultra-conservative Iranian cleric has sparked controversy in the country, after proposing making marriage compulsory.

Mohammed Edrisi argued that the Iranian government should force anyone aged over-28 and not married to pay an additional tax, Radio Farda reported.

Iranians have taken to social media to mock the suggestion with the hashtag #Compulsary_Marriage.

"I'm a year and one month and twelve days behind," said one Twitter user.

Another suggested she should be rewarded by the government for getting married "10 years early" at 18-years-old.

Although Edrisi is a relatively obscure cleric with little power, top Iranian politicians and religious figures have pushed for citizens to get married early and have more children to boost the country's population.

The cleric's bizarre proposal includes creating laws that would force unmarried people aged over-28 to pay a quarter of their income in taxes which would go towards those who want to wed but can't afford to due to financial circumstances.

Edrisi also proposed to target unmarried individuals in high-income jobs by depriving them of their positions, while forbidding terminally ill Iranians from marrying.

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