Germany to adopt resolution against 'illegal' West Bank annexation, as European pressure on Israel mounts

Germany to adopt resolution against 'illegal' West Bank annexation, as European pressure on Israel mounts
German authorities could adopt a resolution standing against Israel's 'illegal' annexation plans.
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29 June, 2020
Germany is expected to stand against the Israeli annexation [Getty]
Germany is expected to issue a resolution on Tuesday deeming Israel's planned annexation of large parts of the West Bank illegal and in violation of international law, according to a report by Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

The Bundestag will hold a parliamentary session at the request of the ruling coalition, which includes Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Alliance and the Social Democratic Party.

Both parties have agreed that annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank and the expansion of Israeli settlements there are "contrary to international law". 

Authorities will urge Israel to drop their plans or face "significant effects on the Middle East peace process" as well as regional instability.

The draft resolution has yet to be approved but coalition groups are expected to announce its approval on Tuesday, just a day before Israeli authorities are due to start the unlawful annexation.

Despite the rejection of the annexation, Berlin has made it clear that they stand against punitive measures against Israel, noting "discussions about unilateral sanctions or threats of sanction have no constructive effect on an Israeli-Palestinian settlement or understanding process".

The session comes as Germany is due to take over the EU Council presidency and the presidency of the UN Security Council.

Israel's plans to annex approximately one third of the West Bank was greenlighted by US President Donald Trump's so-called "Deal of the Century". The plan also envisages the creation of a severely restricted Palestinian state.

The Palestinians have rejected the plan outright, while world leaders have urged Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu to halt the planned annexation, which would be a death knell for the internationally-backed two state solution.

Earlier this week, UK Labour Party Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy said imports of goods from illegal settlements in the West Bank must be banned by the UK if the Israeli government moves ahead with its annexation plans.

"This is now urgent," Nandy told The Observer. "The government must be clear with the Israeli coalition government that concrete action will follow, including a ban on goods entering Britain from the illegal settlements in the West Bank."

"This is a major step, but such a blatant breach of international law must have consequences," she added.

Nandy said Israel's annexations are "a shameful proposition" and criticised the UK government for being "conspicuously absent" from the global response.

Nandy's proposal was backed by Labour leader, Keir Starmer.

Opposition to Israel's annexation plans has been expressed across the UK's political parties.

Last week, hundreds of European MPs signed a letter against Israeli annexation of the West Bank. Though most of the UK signatories were left-leaning, former Conservative Party members also added their names to the letter.

Despite international condemnation, Netanyahu said that Israel will annex 30 percent of the West Bank as early as Wednesday, according to The Guardian.

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