FSA fighters injured in suspected Syrian regime gas attack

FSA fighters injured in suspected Syrian regime gas attack
Regime forces have launched a number of air raids and alleged gas attacks in the Damascus countryside, aimed at breaking the resistance of opposition fighters stationed in the area.
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28 December, 2014
The Syrian regime is believed to have launched a number of gas attacks [Anadolu-Getty]

Seven Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters suffered from suffocation on Saturday after Syrian regime forces allegedly launched a gas attack on the al-Manasher front near Damascus.

Regime aircraft also bombed al-Rayhan killing two children. The town is part of Eastern Ghouta, a collection of farms in Rif Dimashq, a rural area which surrounds the country's capital.

Damascus Media Office member, Karim al-Shami, told al-Araby al-Jadeed, "Violent clashes broke out today on the outskirts of Jobar neighbourhood in Damascus, in a new attempt by the regime forces to retake the neighbourhood."

"The regime used poisonous gas and injured seven opposition fighters who suffered from suffocation by the gas, which is believed to be toxic chlorine."

According to a statistical study by the Damascus Media Office, over the past six months, Syrian regime forces have attacked opposition positions that surround Jobar neighbourhood 25 times with poisonous gas, injuring and killing many.

This is part of a desperate attempt by the regime defences in the Jobar neighbourhood where Islamist and FSA brigades are garrisoned.

The most prominent opposition forces operating in the area include al-Rahman Corps and the Jaish al-Ummah (Army of the Islamic Nation).

Al-Rayhan, on the outskirts of Douma, was also targeted by regime forces with two missiles.

Mohammad Abu Kamal, a media activist, told al-Araby al-Jadeed that the raids killed two children and "caused damage to the infrastructure".

Syrian regime warplanes have stepped up air raids on Eastern Ghouta over the past two days.

On Saturday, it was reported that more than twenty raids were launched on several towns and cities including Douma, Ain Tirma, Sabqa, Hammouriya, Hutaytat al-Jarash, Bala, Zabdeen, Zamalka, and Arbin.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.