French Jews must renounce Israeli nationality: Marine Le Pen

French Jews must renounce Israeli nationality: Marine Le Pen
France's equivalent of Donald Trump has suggested French Jews will be made to renounce Israeli citizenship if she wins the presidential elections.
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10 February, 2017
Marine Le Pen has been described as France's equivalent of Trump [Getty]

France’s far-right presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen said those holding dual French and Israeli citizenship would have to renounce one or the other, should she win the elections.

The controversial National Front party candidate, who is a leading contender in the upcoming April 23 French presidential elections, said she opposes “a policy allowing dual citizenship in [non-European] countries," in a two-hour-long interview with France 2 TV on Thursday.

When pressed on whether this would include French Jews with Israeli citizenship, Len Pen hit back stating "Israel is not a European Union country."

Like US President Donald Trump, Le Pen is another right-wing politician with a proclivity for controversy, and has been similarly accused of racism and Islamophobia.

Le Pen appears to be pulling away in polls to become that country's next president.

France’s growing popular opposition to immigration in the face of Europe's ongoing refugee crisis, a string of deadly terror attacks in the country in the past year, and success enjoyed by right-wing leaders globally - evident in the success of Trump, Britain's Nigel Farage-led Brexiteers, and Dutch MP Geert Wilders - have all contributed to Le Pen's increased popularity.

For decades, the French National Front was viewed as a fringe right-wing group often subject to ridicule and lacking mainstream political support. 

Elections are set to take place in France to elect a new president on 23 April. Le Pen officially launched her election campaign on 4 February.