France calls Syrian regime bombing in Aleppo 'war crimes'

France calls Syrian regime bombing in Aleppo 'war crimes'
Massive air raids were launched on opposition areas of eastern Aleppo on Sunday, as France called for UN to take action against Syrian regime 'war crimes'.
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25 September, 2016
Syrian regime troops walk through Handarat refugee camp to the north of Aleppo [AFP]

Russian and regime war planes launched more than 100 air raids on opposition areas of Aleppo during one hour of bombing on Sunday, while the UN met in New York to discuss Syria's ongoing war.

Sources in the city say that air raids on residential areas increased on Sunday, with the use of cluster bombs and incendiary missiles.

"I've never seen so many people dying in once place," Mohammad Zein Khandaqani, told AFP. "It's terrifying today.

"In less than one hour the Russian planes have killed more than 50 people and injured more than 200."

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported 23 civilian deaths but expected that number to rise as the evening continues.

Ibrahim al-Haj, a member of the White Helmets in Aleppo, told AFP that hospitals and rescuers had recorded 43 deaths so far today.

According to Reuters, regime forces also used phosphorous bombs during a rebel counter-attack on the Handarat Palestinian refugee camp on Sunday, following a surge by regime forces into the camp this morning.

"We retook the camp, but the regime burnt it with phosphorous bombs," Abu al-Hassanien, a rebel commander said.

Meanwhile, the UN security council convened for an emergency meeting on Aleppo, Sunday afternoon, which began with the UN's Syria envoy calling out against the "unprecedented military violence".

UK foreign minister, Boris Johnson, said in a BBC interview this morning that Russia was "guilty of protracting" the war in Syria and of "making it far more hideous".

Johnson also suggested that Russian forces could have been guilty of war crimes if it was behind the strike on the UN aid convoy on Monday.

It came as a message from the Free Syrian Army automatically signified that they rejected any truce with regime forces as long as they continued their "scorched earth policy aimed at destroying the city and displacing its inhabitants."
A subsequent tweet from the Free Syrian Army also reports that blood stocks are low in the Aleppo's hospital. There are calling for blood donors and more medical supplies.

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