Four 'militants' killed by Tunisian forces

Four 'militants' killed by Tunisian forces
Tunisian authorities killed four suspected militants in an overnight operation in a bid to combat armed groups operating in the country.
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01 March, 2016
Security forces killed the militants in an overnight anti-terrorism operation [Getty]
Four suspected militants have been killed by Tunisian forces in a counter-terrorism operation, the interior ministry has revealed.

The operation took place on the border between the central provinces of Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid, and resulted in the seizing of weapons including a Kalashnikov rifle, ammunition, a large number of detonators and a home-made grenade, a ministry statement said.

Clashes between security forces and militants have caused tension in the Kasserine province, just an hour from the Algerian border. An exchange of fire killed a suspected militant last month in the Mount Mghila region, close to the militants' main base.

Dozens of police officers and soldiers have been killed since instability struck the country during the 2011 revolution.

More recently, Islamic State group militants infiltrated the country and conducted deadly attacks on the national museum and a popular tourist resort, killing dozens.

In an attempt to calm the situation, Tunisian authorities have built a 125-mile (200km) barrier along its border with Libya, where a US-led air campaign is bombing IS positions.

Tunisia also passed an anti-terrorism law last year which gives authorities the right to impose the death penalty for those convicted of a range of terror offences.

International human rights group condemned the bill, suggesting the term "terrorism" was too vague and could violate freedoms.