Four killed in suspected IS blast in western Iraq

Four killed in suspected IS blast in western Iraq
An IS insurgency in Iraq has seen security forces and civilians targeted in bomb blasts and kidnappings.
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09 February, 2022
Iraqi forces are still fighting the last remnants of IS forces [Getty]

A suspected Islamic State group bomb attack in western Iraq killed four people on Wednesday morning, according to local media.

They were travelling through Al-Rutba, in Iraq's western Anbar province on their way home when the vehicle was targeted, Shafaq News reported.

Three soldiers on leave and a civilian were killed instantly in the attack with several others injured, a source told the city.

Iraqi forces thwarted an attempted IS attack on a checkpoint in Kirkuk province late Tuesday, according to Rudaw.

On Sunday night, a member of Iraqi security forces was killed and several injured during another suspecting IS attack in Diyala province.

IS controlled large parts of Iraq and Syria from 2014,  following a rapid offensive by the militants.

They were defeated in Iraq in 2017 following a fight back by the Iraqi military and Kurdish forces, although the group remained present in Syria for a further two years.

While the Islamic State group has been defeated as a military force, militants continue attacks on civilians and security forces in Iraq via bombings and kidnappings.