Four arrested for 'glorifying' Saddam Hussein's regime

Four arrested for 'glorifying' Saddam Hussein's regime
Adoring the former Iraqi regime is punishable by the law.
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06 October, 2022
US troops enter central Baghdad and topple statue of Saddam Hussein on 9 April 2003, In Baghdad, Iraq. [Getty]

Four individuals were arrested in Anbar province in western Iraq on charges of "glorifying" the ousted Saddam Hussein's regime during the country's national day, Iraq's National Security Agency said on Wednesday.

The United States under former president George W. Bush and the UK under then prime minister Tony Blair outed Hussein's regime in 2003 on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction that were never found. 

The agency noted as per the court arrest warrant that the four individuals were arrested on charges of raising pictures and chanting slogans glorifying the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein while the Iraqis were celebrating the country's National Day on Monday.

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It also clarified that the suspects were questioned and transferred to the courts to be sentenced according to the Iraqi constitution of 2005.  

Article 7 of the Iraqi constitution outlaws the glorification of the former regime or the Baath party.

The Iraqi parliament in 2006 passed the law to ban the Baath party, and since then, many Iraqis have been imprisoned as per the provisions of the law.

Shaho Qaradaghi, an Iraqi political observer, in a tweet, questioned why was the arrest of the four persons by the Iraqi security forces more of a priority while Iraqi militiamen who destabilise the social peace continue to roam free.