Four Albanian women, 9 children to be repatriated from Syrian camp

Four Albanian women, 9 children to be repatriated from Syrian camp
Four Albanian women and 9 children - related to individuals who joined extremist groups in Syria - are due to be repatriated from the war-torn country.
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27 May, 2022
The Albanians due to be repatriated from a Syrian camp are set to land late on Friday night [Getty]

Four Albanian women and nine children, all related to Albanians who joined Islamist extremist groups fighting in Syria and Iraq, are being repatriated from a Syrian camp, a Kurdish official from northeast Syria said Friday.

Abdul-Karim Omar, an official who negotiates with countries on the return of their citizens, tweeted that, “13 Albanians (4 women and 9 children) of the families of ISIS organisation were handed over to an official Albanian government delegation."

He also posted a photo with Albania’s anti-terror department chief Alban Dautaj.

The Albanian government did not confirm the report, but an official, speaking anonymously due to the sensitivity of the issue, said the repatriated Albanians were expected to land late Friday night.

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Twenty-five other Albanian women and children whose husbands and fathers joined Islamic State terror group and most often have been killed in the fighting have been brought back home in three previous missions, the last one in July 2021.

Authorities have not specified the number of Albanians still in detention camps in Syria, only saying they have been identified. Their relatives in Albania say 52 children are still in Syria, including the 13 being repatriated Friday.

A few hundred Albanians joined the Islamic State and other groups fighting in Syria and Iraq in the early 2010s. Many were killed, and their widows and children are stuck in Syrian camps.