Blood obsession: Fortnite addiction lands 'violent' UAE teenager in rehab

Blood obsession: Fortnite addiction lands 'violent' UAE teenager in rehab
A young girl who developed violent behaviour after becoming addicted to video game Fortnight has been admitted to rehab in the United Arab Emirates.
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11 April, 2019
The girl became obsessed with knives and blood [Getty]
A 15-year-old girl in the UAE was registered onto a rehab programme after she became addicted to violent actions displayed on popular video game Fortnight, local media reported.

The girl’s love of playing with knives, her enjoyment of blood and her attempts of “suicidal stunts” prompted her parents to seek medical help, Khaleej Times reported. The girl first cut her hair to look like a boy before beginning to bite her schoolmates, and later uploaded images of knives on her Instagram account, the parents said.

Medical staff at the Rashid Hospital were unable to contain her aggressive behaviour and called on Dubai Police for assistance in dealing with the young girl.

An official at the police's victim care department, Sgt Aysha Hassan, described the girl’s obsession with the video game and said she seemed to be imitating violent acts in real life. She had even attempted to “slash” her parents with a knife, noting she "enjoyed blood”.

The girl, who had been unwillingly admitted to a rehab programme at Al Jalila Children's Speciality Hospital, vowed to “blow up their home” upon her return.

The girl’s condition has improved since beginning rehabilitation, police confirmed, though she is expected to remain until she fully recovers.

The case of the 15-year-old comes after calls by parents for a ban on PUBG, another online game which has already been blocked in a number of countries across the world.

Authorities in the UAE have called on parents and schools to closely monitor children’s behaviour, urging those concerned to report games they feel could be harmful.

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