Flamboyant Iraqi actor 'murdered because of his looks'

Flamboyant Iraqi actor 'murdered because of his looks'
Iraqi actor Karrar Noushi, known for his long blond hair and fashion sense, was found dead in Baghdad's Palestine Street with evidence of stab and torture wounds, local media reported.
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03 July, 2017
Karrar Noushi was recognised for his blond hair and fashion sense [Facebook]

An Iraqi actor was reportedly murdered in Baghdad on Sunday because of his looks.

Theatre actor Karrar Noushi, recognised by his long blond hair, was found in Palestine Street with evidence of torture and stab wounds, according to The Baghdad Post.

The fine arts graduate was allegedly kidnapped by Shia militias before being killed. 

Gruesome images purporting to be of Noushi's body have been circulated online, but his death has not been officially confirmed by authorities.

Noushi was known for his interest in fashion, according to local media, and had reportedly received death threats for wearing 'tight clothes and having unusual haircuts'.

Noushi's death has seen angry reactions on social media, particularly among young people.

Almost 300 messages of condolences have appeared on Noushi's Facebook page, which has more than 5,300 followers, and tweets have been posted using a hashtag of his name (#كرار_نوشي)