Five organisations providing coronavirus aid and how you can support them

Five organisations providing coronavirus aid and how you can support them
These organisations launched coronavirus relief projects - and they need your help.
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18 March, 2020
A number of organisations are committed to assisting communities impacted by the coronavirus [Getty]
The coronavirus pandemic has now swelled to over 230,000 cases worldwide and has killed nearly 10,000 people. On the front lines, health care professionals work around the clock to help influxes of patients. Entire countries and cities are currently on lockdown, with more to follow.

A number of organisations are raising funds to provide assistance that includes aiding vulnerable communities, supporting health workers and contributing towards the development of treatment for the virus.

The New Arab has selected five organisations that could use your help:

1. The World Health Organisation 

The World Health Organisation (WHO), an authoritative voice throughout global coronavirus outbreaks, has launched a COVID-19 Response Fund. The WHO implemented a fundraising goal of at least $675 million to, among other things, send supplies to health workers, help countries track the virus, and fast-track the discovery of vaccines and treatments against the illness.

The WHO recently announced it will begin testing for the coronavirus in war-torn northwest Syria, where civilians displaced to makeshift camps remain vulnerable to the disease.

Donate here.

2. GlobalGiving

Crowdfunding platform GlobalGiving's Coronavirus Relief Fund seeks to reinforce worldwide community efforts towards fighting the spread of COVID-19.

Donations to GlobalGiving will be allocated towards assistance on the ground, such as deliveries of in-demand medical supplies to hospitals and aid to impacted communities in quarantined cities and refugee camps.

Donate here.

3. Red Cross Lebanon

The Lebanese Red Cross, whose volunteers are on the frontline of the country's coronavirus outbreak, is requesting donations of any amount on its web application. 

Donate here.

4. Karam Foundation

Karam Foundation, a US-based nonprofit organisation that supports Syrian refugees, launched an emergency appeal to assist Syrian refugee families in the United States whose livelihoods are impacted by the epidemic. The organisation will provide the families with funds for necessities such as food, household items and medicine.

Donate here.

5. Noor Orphans Fund

Noor Orphans Fund, a division of UK-based nonprofit Noor Trust, supports orphans in Iraq. Noor Orphans Fund seeks to provide hygiene packs to Iraqi orphans and widows who otherwise cannot afford them. The packs' contents include soap, laundry detergent, bleach, tissues and shampoo.

Donate here.

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