Five injured after Saudi Arabia downs Houthi 'kamikaze' drone

Five injured after Saudi Arabia downs Houthi 'kamikaze' drone
Saudi Arabia said it shot down a drone on Friday, causing injuries to a number of residents and damage to homes.
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08 March, 2019
Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of supplying Houthis with 'kamikaze drones' [Getty]
At least five people in southern Saudi Arabia were injured when a "Houthi drone" was shot down by air defences on Friday, with falling debris causing damage to buildings.

Col. Turki al-Maliki, spokesperson of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, said the drone was launched by Houthi rebels and headed for the city of Abha, around 230km north of the Yemen border.

Debris caused "light injuries" to four Saudis and an Indian expatriate, with houses and six cars damaged, according to state television.

Investigators at the scene claimed the wreckage showed "characteristics and specifications of Iranian manufacturing", according to state TV.

Saudi Arabia led an intervention force in Yemen in 2015, after Houthi rebels forced the government out of the capital Sanaa.

Since then, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have led a ground and air war on the rebels, but with thousands of civilians killed and sparking the world's worst humanitarian crisis due to blockades.

Houthi rebels have fired rockets into Saudi Arabia, some of which have reached the capital Riyadh. Saudi authorities have accused arch-rival Iran of supplying missiles, drones and technical support to the Houthis.

Riyadh shot down a "hostile" Houthi drone in January, and has accused Iran of manufacturing "kamikaze drones" which are then sent to Yemen.