Five Palestinian-Israelis arrested for killing Israeli police volunteer

Five Palestinian-Israelis arrested for killing Israeli police volunteer
The five Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of running over a group of Israeli police volunteers, killing one and injuring three.
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11 June, 2022
Israeli police have arrest five Palestinian citizens of Israeli on suspicion of killing a police volunteer [Getty]

Five Palestinian citizens of Israel have been arrested by Israeli authorities on suspicion of running over and killing one police volunteer and injuring three others, according to reports. 

The Palestinians, who come from the Bedouin city of Rahat in the southern Naqab (Negev) region of Israel, were arrested after speeding through a checkpoint in the city of Rishon Letziyon, southeast of Tel Aviv, where they allegedly ran over several Israeli police volunteers in the early hours of Saturday. 

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Amichai Carmeli, 46, was killed in the incident while the other wounded volunteers were taken to hospital. Two have been released after receiving medical care. 

The police suspect that the five men were driving under the influence of alcohol. 

"We are still investigating the circumstances of the event," said Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai as quoted by Haaretz. "[T]his is a severe event that began with a hit-and-run, continued with insubordination to police and ended with an attempt to flee and busting through a police barricade, which led hitting Amichai and wounding two volunteers." 

"I vow that the police will do everything possible to bring to justice the criminals, who must be severely punished," he added.