Final refugees leave Calais 'jungle' as camp demolished

Final refugees leave Calais 'jungle' as camp demolished
Residents of the makeshift camp have been relocated around France or accepted into Britain as French authorities finish the last of the three-day demolition works.
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26 October, 2016
The Calais camp has been cleared by French authorities [Getty]
The Calais 'jungle camp' has been demolished.

The last few residents of the makeshift camp on the French coast will be moved out as authorities finish dismantling the tents and shacks.

Refugees who have largely been using the base to reach Britain are being moved to reception centres around France where they can seek asylum.

"We have it within our means to close the waiting lines by this evening," senior local official Fabienne Bucco told AFP.

"After the last migrants are taken in hand, the lines will close."

Bulldozers moved in on Monday, just weeks after President Francois Hollande vowed to "definitively dismantle" the camp.

Fresh fires broke out on Wednesday morning, after tents were set ablaze on Tuesday evening.

A local official played it down as "tradition" to set fire to homes before leaving.

Explosions have also been heard as authorities scramble to move gas canisters away from the flames.

More than 3,200 people – around half of the estimated population – have been moved to shelters since the operation began, while unaccompanied children have been taken to temporary shelters on the camp site.

Around 200 of these children have been allowed into Britain.