Fights break out during Iraq's emergency parliamentary session

Fights break out during Iraq's emergency parliamentary session
Chaos ensued at an emergency parliamentary session in Iraq's Baghdad, as the ongoing reform crisis continues in the country.
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13 April, 2016
Tension has ripped through the Iraqi parliament since the announcement of Abadi's cabinet line-up [AFP]
Scuffles broke out between Iraqi lawmakers and the Kurdistan Alliance in an emergency parliament session on Wednesday, forcing the meeting to be rescheduled for the following day.

"The private emergency parliamentary session witnessed chaos and brawls," a parliamentary sourced told The New Arab.

Fights broke out between the politicians when deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance criticised the broken name plates found at their designated seats.

Iraqi lawmakers, including Haitham al-Jubouri and Kathem al-Sayadi responded to the complaints with loud insults, eventually leading to the speaker ending the session.

But politicians vowed to remain in parliament overnight in protest.

"The incident escalated to the point that is became physical between the two sides and was only stopped after efforts from other attendees who had intervened," he added.

Altercations also took place between MPs Mishan al-Jubouri and Hamdiya Hussein who accused the other of terrorism and suggested his presence at the meeting was harmful to the parliament.

Journalists were prevented from entering the chamber and all doors were closed.

Meanwhile, dozens of lawmakers continued their sit-in at parliament demanding the dismissal of Iraq's three most senior officials, the president, the prime minister and the speaker of house.

The protests sparked when Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's new line-up for the cabinet was fiercely rejected by politicians.