Father's murder of own daughter ignites fury in Sudan

Father's murder of own daughter ignites fury in Sudan
Social media users are calling for the father's arrest under the hashtag #MyFatherKilledMe.
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24 March, 2021
The 13-year-old was reportedly shot three times [Getty]
The alleged murder of a teenage girl by her father has sparked outrage in Sudan and renewed calls for greater protection for women and girls.

Khartoum police opened an official investigation into Samah al-Hadi's death on Tuesday, local media reported, amid anger that her father has not been arrested.

Reports allege the man shot the 13-year-old girl three times leaving her to bleed to death after she requested to transfer schools to study with her friends.

Hadi was forced to stay at home by her father who allegedly assaulted her and broke her feet on Friday before shooting her to death after she left home to visit a friend.

She was later buried without an autopsy, according to reports.

Neighbours of the family told local media the father was known to physically abuse his children.

Shocked over the alleged murder, Sudanese social media users have called for the father's arrest using the hashtag #MyFatherKilledMe.

It is unclear why the alleged suspect has not been arrested.

An online petition calling for a proper investigation of the alleged murder has attracted more than 1,800 signatures to date.

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