Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen egged during election visit

Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen egged during election visit
The far-right leader had an egg thrown at her while on a field visit in the north of France.
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05 June, 2022
Far-right leader Marine Le Pen visits a farm on June 1st. [DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty]

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was egged on Friday during a visit to the northern city of Saint-Armand-les-Eaux, videos of the incident showed.

Eyewitnesses told French daily Le Parisien the egg-thrower shouted insults at the parliamentarian.

"Everything is fine, no scratch, no stain. The egg did not hit her, it hit the hand of her bodyguard," party spokesperson Sebastien Chenu said in a statement.

Such attacks against politicians are not uncommon in France, particularly during electoral times. Far-right pundit and former presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, who expressed "sympathy" for Le Pen following the attack, was himself egged in March during the presidential campaign.

Public figures across the political spectrum have also had eggs and flour thrown at them in recent years.

Le Pen, who is running in the ongoing legislative election, was in Saint-Armand-les-Eaux to support her party's candidate in the area. She is a leading figure of the National Rally (RN), a far-right party that has promised to slash immigration and roll back the rights of France's Muslim minority.

The two rounds of the French legislative election will take place on June 12 and 19 in mainland France. French voters will be asked to choose 577 new deputies for the parliament, which is elected for a five-year term.