'Death to Arabs': Far-right Israeli group attack Palestinian village in Israel

'Death to Arabs': Far-right Israeli group attack Palestinian village in Israel
Price Tag, a far-right Israeli group that is committed to violent crimes against Palestinians, stormed the village of Jaljoliya and vandalised the area by spraying 'death to Arabs' on walls and slashing tyres.
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09 March, 2022
Price Tag are known for committing crimes against Palestinians [Getty: File photo]

A far-right Israeli group graffitied "Death to Arabs" in the village of Jaljoliya, a Palestinian town in the north of Israel, and damaged a number of Palestinian-owned vehicles.

The so-called Price Tag group stormed the village of Jaljoliya on Wednesday morning and slashed the tires of around 30 vehicles sprayed racist messages on the village wall, according to Palestinian Authority's news agency Wafa.

Price Tag carries out attacks mainly against Palestinians living inside Israel and in occupied East Jerusalem, where Israel has full administrative and security control. The Israeli Shin Bet estimates that there are up to 3,000 members of the group.

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Human rights group B'Tselem has documented Price Tag committing violent acts, such as attacking Palestinian civilians, burning down mosques and fields, throwing stones, uprooting trees, and incursions into Palestinian villages and land.

Although top Israeli officials have officially disavowed such attacks, the Palestinian Authority considers Israel ultimately responsible for the rampant hate crimes.

Israel has expanded settlements across the occupied West Bank, leading to a wave of settler attacks on the indigenous Palestinian population.

In the 1948 war, about 957,000 Palestinians, or 66 percent of the Palestinians who lived in historical Palestine, were expelled and displaced.

The Palestinians who remained in Israel have suffered discrimination from authorities and activists say Israeli police have shown negligence in dealing with attacks on their community.