Facebook removes Palestinian pro-Fatah account network over 'inauthentic' behaviour

Facebook removes Palestinian pro-Fatah account network over 'inauthentic' behaviour
Some 450 accounts from the Palestinian territories were banned by the social media giant.
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07 May, 2021
Facebook has deleted Palestinian accounts on several occasions [Getty]

Facebook removed nine account networks in April that it said were behind the spread of false information and manipulation of users online, including some 450 accounts from the Palestinian territories.

The deleted accounts on both Facebook and Instagram totalled 1,800, according to Bloomberg.

The social media giant said the Palestinian network had been targeting users in the Middle East with content promoting the Palestinian political movement Fatah and criticising Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

Accounts can be taken down on Facebook and companies owned by it if they violate any of the platform’s community guidelines, including by spreading false information, pretending to be someone else, promoting violent organisations.

Palestinian journalists and activists have often had their accounts taken down by Facebook, with some groups claiming Israeli intervention in these decisions.

Palestinian rights groups have slammed what they consider Facebook’s arbitrary in dealing with their accounts on the social media platform, accusing the company of siding with Israel in an attempt to silence them.

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