Facebook Live restricted in Jordan amid protests

Facebook Live restricted in Jordan amid protests
Jordan demonstrations over coronavirus restrictions and nine deaths at a government hospital are ongoing.
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16 March, 2021
Live-streaming was also restricted during protests last year [Getty]
Facebook Live streaming services in Jordan were restricted on Monday evening amid ongoing anti-government protests, according to an internet watchdog.

Live-streaming services were down on main internet service providers Zain, Orange and Umniah, NetBlocks said.

It is not the first time such broadcasting services have been blocked in Jordan, the internet observer said.

NetBlocks recorded several instances of Facebook Live streaming services being restricted during last year's protests against the closure of a teachers' union.

The apparent social media restrictions come amid ongoing protests calling for an end to a nighttime curfew imposes to stop the spread of new coronavirus cases.

Anger has been compounded by the deaths of nine patients being treated for Covid-19 in a government hospital after a shortage of oxygen. Reports allege medics at the hospital in Salt ignored the shortage.

Jordan's health minister resigned last week over the scandal.

As protesters returned to the street on Monday evening, many called on the government as a whole to resign.

Demonstrators have also called for an end to emergency laws introduced at the onset of the pandemic, which activists sat violate civil rights.

Worsening living conditions has also triggered frustration among ordinary Jordanians. Corruption and poor economic circumstances, including widespread unemployment, have previously sparked anti-government protests in the country.

Tear gas was used to disperse protesters in the capital Amman on Monday.

A media blackout of local reporting on the scandal and subsequent protests is ongoing, according to Jordanian activists and journalists.

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