Eyes on Syrian Crime: Lebanese site branded as 'racist'

Eyes on Syrian Crime: Lebanese site branded as 'racist'
A new Lebanese website, published and contributed to anonymously, documents 'crimes' committed by Syrians in Lebanon, but fails to source information.
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03 October, 2016
The website describes numerous crime stories without referencing names or other verifiable details [TNA screengrab]

A new website has been accused of inciting racism after publishing unverifiable stories about crimes committed by Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

'Eye on Syrians in Lebanon' was set up anonymously and posts crime stories from Lebanon without referencing sources or names.

"This website institutionalises the act of racism," wrote Nazir Reda for al-Modn News, "it creates a guide for racists and makes it easier for them to incite racism against refugees."

The website is split into five main sections, with a section on statistics and four sections related to rape, murder, terrorism and theft.

The statistics section does not however reference the source of the crime data and merely cites the number of perpetrators and crime reports.

Statistics from Eye on Syrians
A chart taken from the website, showing the number of reported crimes, broken down by area in Lebanon [source = Eye on Syrians in Lebanon]

The website's Facebook page had garnered 567 'likes' as of the time of publication.

None of the Facebook comments were considered publishable, as the vast majority contained offensive language.