Explosion rocks Yemen's Sanaa University

Explosion rocks Yemen's Sanaa University
Fatalities have been reported in an explosion on Tuesday at Sanaa University, where student-organised protests have been common since the Arab Spring, with no immediate claim of responsibility
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24 May, 2016

Yemen campus bomb

At least one was killed and three others injured when an explosive device detonated at a university in the Yemeni capital on Tuesday.

The bomb exploded in a hall at the Arts College located in the old Sanaa University – the base for several student-organised protests during and after the Arab Spring in 2011.

Yemen has been rocked with instability and sporadic violence since Houthis seized control of the capital – a move that forced a Saudi-led coalition to wage war on the rebels across the country.

On Monday, at least 41 young men queuing up to enlist in the Yemeni army were killed in a twin suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State group, security officials said.

The first blast saw 34 men killed as a bomber detonated his suicide belt after joining the queue at a recruitment centre near the Badr base in the Khormaksar district of Aden, security sources told The New Arab.

Another seven army recruits were killed by a second bomb attack inside the base, sources added.

More than 13 months of conflict in Yemen has allowed armed groups such as IS and al-Qaeda to flourish across the country, with particular focus on the southern region - where several areas are under the control of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Attacks have been frequent, with dozens of police officers and military personnel targeted and killed by militants who accuse the government of "apostasy".