Conflicting reports emerge over latest explosion heard in Tehran

Conflicting reports emerge over latest explosion heard in Tehran
Iranian officials reportedly gave contradictory statements after a blast was heard by Tehran residents, following weeks of similar explosions that hit strategic sites.
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10 July, 2020
An official said the sound heard by residents was an explosion at a factory [Getty]
An explosion was heard in western Tehran on Friday, Iranian state media reported, while a senior official has denied the blast

The exact location of the reported blast was not immediately clear, IRIB said power was cut in the surrounding area of where the blast occurred.

The governor of Qod city, Leila Vaseghi, told the Fars News agency that no explosion had occurred, but said the area had power outages for a few minutes.

Residents in Qod who were contacted by Reuters told the agency they had not heard an explosion.

The incident is the third major explosion in Iran to occur after midnight over three consecutive weeks. The first two explosions occurred at key military and nuclear bases.

While the exact target of the reported explosion is not yet known, analysts pointed to two underground facilities, associated with chemical weapons research and an unidentified military production site.

Ongoing blasts suggest a coordinated attack, however Iran has not publicly released the results of its investigations, citing national security concerns.

"It could be a complete coincidence that there’s a surge of explosions and fires over a short period. But given so many have occurred at military and nuclear sites there will be a perception that at least some are connected," Dalia Dassa Kaye, Director of the Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) said in a tweet.

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Reports also cited an official in Garmdareh – a nearby town – saying the sound heard by residents was an "explosion at a factory making gas cylinders."

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