Experts plan transfer of Tutankhamun's treasures to Giza museum

Experts plan transfer of Tutankhamun's treasures to Giza museum
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The third annual conference on transferring Tutankhamun's priceless funereal treasures was held in Cairon on Saturday.
Tutankhamun's mask was restored in Germany after it was damaged by Egyptian museum staff [Anadolu]

Conservation experts met in Cairo on Sunday to discuss transferring the treasures of the ancient Egyptian pharoah, Tutankhamun, from the Egyptian museum in Cairo to a new museum.

The conference was the third annual discussion on how to transfer the pharoah's throne, bed, and chests to a brand new museum, currently being constructed near the Giza Pyramids.

"It's a very big challenge to move a collection, particularly of such importance," Gabrielle Pieke, curator at the Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Vienna, told AP.

The conference was co-ordinated by Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities, attracting experts from across the world to Cairo's Zamalek neighbourhood to discuss the logistical feat.

The government aims to prevent any and all potential damage to the boy king's possessions, after eight museum employees were charged with damaging the funereal mask.

The mask's beard fell off during an attempt to fix the exhibit lighting and museum restoration staff tried to reaffix it using epoxy glue which left a residue.

"Ignoring all scientific methods of restoration, the suspects tried to conceal their crime by using sharp metal tools to remove parts of the glue that became visible, thus damaging the 3,000-year-old piece without a moment of conscience," the prosecution said.

The mask was then flown to Germany where it was repaired over a two month period by a German-Egyptian restoration team.

The Grand Egyptian Museum, where the artefacts will ultimately be housed, will be partially opened in 2018 and aims to be the largest archaeological museum in the world.

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