EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Kurdistan restricts transfers from UAE amid allegations of 'PKK funding'

EXCLUSIVE: Iraqi Kurdistan restricts transfers from UAE amid allegations of 'PKK funding'
Iraq has restricted money transfers from the United Arab Emirates after reported fundings to the PKK.
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15 June, 2020
The PKK is outlawed as a terrorist organisation [Getty]
The UAE has reportedly provided financial aid to the PKK in Iraqi Kurdistan, a government source said, prompting authorities there to take action.

A security source at the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) told The New Arab's Arabic-language edition Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that authorities have enforced restrictions on money transfers from coming from the UAE.

In recent months, there have been multiple instances of funds to the PKK from the UAE, according to the anonymous source in Erbil.

The source said the KRG has asked to obtain "proof of approval" from authorities that transfers from the UAE’s foreign exchange office and bank accounts for security clearance.

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The source added on Sunday that the measure will be put in place for transfers exceeding $1,000 in Erbil Duhok and Suleimaniyeh.

Sarkot Ali, a Kurdish politician, said monetary relations between the UAE and Kurdish opponents to Turkey stretch back to about four years, which is alleged to have happened under the guise of society organisations or relief missions for the displaced.

Those affected by the war are located in various regions of Iraqi Kurdistan, especially those located on the border between Turkey and Iran, where the Kurdish opposition movements are active.

The PKK is considered a terror organisation by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. The conflict has led to the loss of tens of thousands lives since it started in 1984.

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