Former Mossad director 'revealed classified information' to his 'lover's husband'

Former Mossad director 'revealed classified information' to his 'lover's husband'
The husband of a woman former Mossad director Yossi Cohen allegedly had an affair with has revealed details of Israeli intelligence secrets passed on to him by Cohen.
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22 December, 2021
Yossi Cohen allegedly revealed details of people the Mossad were tracking [Getty]

Former Mossad director Yossi Cohen passed on classified information to a woman he was allegedly having an affair with and her husband, Israel’s Channel 13 reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed woman’s husband, Guy Shiker, told Channel 13’s investigative programme HaMakor that Cohen had boasted about secret Mossad operations to him and his wife, providing classified information about his travels around the world and activities of the Israeli intelligence service.

Shiker claimed Cohen told him about Mossad's efforts to track the doctor of an Arab leader.

"He told lots of stories, including about Mossad," Shiker told Channel 13. "He's a blabbermouth. He started telling me that Mossad was 'sitting' on a doctor of a well-known Arab leader."

Shiker is a financial manager who is well-known in the Israeli capital market, The Times of Israel reported. His wife was working as a flight attendant when she began her alleged affair with Cohen

According to Shiker, Cohen told him about a 30-hour trip he undertook from Chad to the US, which took place at the same time former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reported to be visiting the African country.


Shiker also told Channel 13 that Cohen boasted to him about firing six top Mossad officials.

"They weren't good. They thought I was their best friend when we were equals. The moment I was appointed [I fired them], without mercy," Cohen allegedly told Shiker.

Channel 13 reported that Cohen had abused his position to seek information about Shiker and found that the financial manager had previously tried to work for Mossad. Last June, when the allegations were first coming to light, Cohen denied revealing any information about Mossad’s internal workings.

According to Channel 13, Cohen also hired Shiker’s personal secretary following a request from Shiker. She was later stationed in the Thai capital Bangkok.

The two men fell out over Cohen's alleged affair with Shiker's wife. Cohen would send Shiker’s wife text messages calling her "my beauty" and "my princess", according to Shiker.

"You love my wife, she loves you, you're destroying a family right now," Shiker told Cohen.

In a statement released through her lawyers, Shiker's wife denied having an affair with Cohen, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.